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Vinod's cab company Business card


I am a graphic designer by profession and have lived the dream for 14 years now. Now having said that, my career came to a stop during the so called time of recession. My life became a little obnoxious. I used to be a day dreamer and a great story teller during my childhood days. After I started my profession as a graphic designer I kind of shelved that gift and continued with my profession -until recession.

As the saying goes ” When lighting strikes, comes the thunder “, It was this time I was struck with the thought, What if I had to face the same situation again? Am I ready to take another hit and mess up. No thanks, I am done. I said to myself and started to walk along the road. I took the path of thorns to understand my true potential and traits. What profession should I choose? How different I can be from the rest of the crowd? Well, I talked to myself and decided not to walk the same road again.

Left in the dark I spoke to myself for days and nights together. Ran through various scenarios. Walked around the places I lived and worked, moved through a different locality to see what exactly was happening in this fast pace world. It was THE DAY, the deciding day I thought I should bring my misery to an end. Reached home, took a piece of paper, wrote my thoughts, pictured the situation. Ate my dinner in peace and went to sleep. The gift of dreams scraped itself out of the box and showered all the information I had penned. I had many options to choose, right then, when I was about to choose came this thought of “How about a Travels business”? Yes yes, I decided this is what I will do from now. why? Because I have always had a great passion for driving, automobiles and travels.

In the Year 2010, March 20th I bought my very first cab and started my cab company.

Here I am writing this small dream come true of When, Why and how it all started. I have certain plans on

  • How to run my business?
  • The kind of service I want to render to my clients?
  • How to expand my business?

But for me to achieve my steps, I need help from you, as my customers. Give me – “VINOD’S CAB COMPANY” an opportunity and help me establish my business, to serve you better and I can assure you, I will do my best to not let you my customers down.

If any of your friends, family or you yourself travelling to India, happen to visit Chennai and are in need of a cab call me and we will ready to serve you.

Thank you,


Vinod Kumaar V

+91-98841 33028